Advice for moving with pets

28th April 2017 by Metro Removals

When moving home we all feel a little upside down, leaving memories behind and parting with the familiar. Thing is, you already know about it – imagine what it’s like for your cat or dog. They won’t be expecting to get up and leave forever, no longer able to run around their favourite patch of the garden and forced to leave their toys behind that they dug into the lawn yesterday. Pets feel more than you think, they get nervous and stressed too. If you have a dog or cat and are moving home, you will want to think about how to ease your furry friend into their new environment.


How do I know if my pet is stressed?


You will normally realise when your pet is stressed because they will seem a little different to their usual selves. Stress can cause numerous things for dogs such as, excessive shedding, sniffing, panting, naughty behaviour and shaking are just some signs to look out for. Whilst you may find cats groom excessively, have digestive issues or problems going to the toilet, they may sleep more or show aggression too. We love our pets and it’s important to prevent stress because the last thing we want is to upset our furry best friend.


Will your dog or cat be with you during the move?


Before the move:

Moving abroad

During the move

After the move

Here at Metro Removals we offer a dependable, stress-free service along with expert advice to ensure your move is nothing but smooth and successful. We understand that moving can seem like a big ordeal, that is why our fully comprehensive services will help you through the whole process, from start to finish. Should you have any questions or wish to book our services, please get in contact today where a member of our team can help you.

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