Why You Should Hire Professional Packers or a Packing Service When Moving

28th February 2017 by Metro Removals

Packing all your belongings up ready for moving is a time-consuming and often stressful ordeal. You have to ensure not only that everything is packed and ready to go on time, but that everything is packed safely and securely, too.

Completing all your packing while settling all your other affairs simultaneously can cause undue strain, but an alternative is available. Professional packing services take the stress out of your move, and here we’ll be explaining just why that is and why you should use these services.

Specialist Packaging Supplies

Firstly, professional packing services will use only the very best materials to pack your belongings. The packaging materials the experts use will keep your belongings safe for the duration of the move. Packaging supplies will include:

Finding appropriately sized boxes on your own is often impossible for the average Joe. Once you’ve unpacked a large mirror, for instance, you’re unlikely to keep the box it came in and even more unlikely to find a new box to store it in for your move! However, professional packers will have a range of boxes available in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can pack your mirrors or other precious belongings safely in a box rather than draping them in blankets!

Efficient, Responsible Packing Techniques

By hiring a professional packer, you will benefit from years of experience packing items up securely, safely and in a timely manner. Whereas most amateur packers might just throw similar items into the same box and forget about it, a professional packer will ensure that items are packed carefully. They will use protective materials such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts to ensure nothing breaks, and prepare your furniture for transit, too.


Professional packing services also offer insurance for any goods they pack. If the worst were to happen and some of your belongings were damaged in transit, you can rest assured that you will be fully reimbursed. If you pack your belongings yourself, however, they may not be insured during the move. Don’t run the risk; hire a professional packer today!

Free Up Your Time

As we said in the opening section of our article, packing is a massively time-consuming process for most people. In the end, it can overshadow other important aspects of your move, leading you to forget essential things like notifying your energy suppliers or the council of your move. But with a professional packing service, you can devote more time to these crucial areas of concern. As such, your entire move will seem far, far less stressful!

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