How to downsize your home

21st June 2021 by Metro Removals

Are you thinking of downsizing your home or business premises? If so, you’re not alone. More and more people in the UK are giving up their large properties in favour of smaller abodes. Read on to find out how to downsize your home in 2021. 

Top tips for downsizing your property 

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There are many benefits to downsizing. Not only can it provide you with a property that’s easier to manage and maintain but it may also allow you to move to a more favourable location. However, before you jump in and put your home or office on the market, it’s important to consider how to downsize so that the process is smooth and stress-free from start to finish. Keep reading to find out top tips for downsizing your property.

Start decluttering three months before  

Don’t underestimate the mammoth task of decluttering when downsizing your property. Rather than starting the month before and rushing the process, we recommend starting to get rid of those things not coming with you as far as 90 days in advance. Don’t feel like you need to let go of everything within a few days. Many people use the ‘One-A-Day Method’ where they lose one item per day. This makes the project much more manageable. 

Focus on one room at a time 

Since the thought of decluttering your entire home can seem daunting, it’s usually best to focus on one room at a time. This allows you to break up a major operation into smaller projects. You can stay on track but without getting overwhelmed by the task in front of you. You could start with your bedroom furniture. If you have three beds but you’re moving to a smaller, two-bed home, you’ll need to make arrangements to remove one of them. You could sell it, donate it or put it into storage until you know what to do with it.

Measure your new space

When it comes to downsizing, it’s crucial that you know the size of the space you want to fit into. Look at the floorplan of your new property or take a tape measure to record the measurements of the rooms. This will allow you to really get a feel for space and figure out where you can place your furniture. You may realise that you need to get rid of some items if they don’t fit. Rather than trying to squeeze them into your new property, you should take the opportunity to simplify and redesign your space.

Digitise your documents

How to downsize your home

Many people have huge filing cabinets stuffed with old documents such as tax returns and household bills. However, you may find that you don’t actually need much of this paperwork and that it’s simply taking up valuable space. Shred documents you don’t need anymore and try to digitise those you do. Scan them onto your computer if possible so that you can have a digital version stored. You’ll be amazed at how much space this can save in your new property. Your most important documents such as birth and marriage certificates can be stored in a single folder. 

Old CDs, DVDs, VHS cassettes and photos can also be digitised. You can save them on your computer hard drive or in the cloud. You can still enjoy your favourite music, movies, and photos by storing them digitally.

Choose multifunctional furniture

When you downsize, you have less space than you used to. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose multifunctional furniture wherever possible. For example, if you only have guests staying with you occasionally, there’s no point paying for an extra bedroom. Instead, invest in a futon or fold-out couch that can serve as an extra bed when you need it. When you don’t have guests, it can be used to enhance your living area. 

Multifunctional furniture has become more common as homes have become smaller over the years. There are dining tables that fold down to become a wall-mounted bench or that flatten down completely. Coffee tables can include storage or raise up to become computer desks. When space is at a premium, your furniture should be as versatile as possible.

Hire an experienced removals company 

When it comes to downsizing your property, it’s important to hire a removals team who are experienced in downsizing. At Metro Removals, we can provide expert advice on how to downsize. Our team can assist you every step of the way, making sure your move to a smaller property goes smoothly from start to finish. Downsizing can be challenging and stressful but the process becomes a whole lot easier when you hire reputable removals companies in Kettering or Market Harborough. 

Consider secure storage solutions

Storage solutions like those we offer here at Metro Removals are tailor-made for downsizing. We offer secure self-storage units where you can store your belongings until you know exactly what you want to do with them. This means that you don’t need to rush into choosing whether to keep or get rid of your possessions. You can take your time to work out what will stay and what will go, making sure you don’t make any rash decisions. Our storage units are ideal for a wide range of items, from furniture and clothing to IT equipment and important business documents.

Contact us 

Hopefully, this has answered your questions about how to downsize your home. Downsizing is a great idea if you want your property to be easier to manage and maintain. A smaller home or office is usually more affordable in many cases too. To find out how we can help you downsize, get in touch today. Metro Removals is one of the leading removals companies in Kettering and Market Harborough and our team are highly experienced in assisting people in moving to smaller properties. Call us on 01536 688 149 (Kettering) or 01858 790 000 (Market Harborough) to talk to one of our removals specialists. You can also submit a question via the website and we’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible.


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