How to lift moving boxes safely during moving

Whether you’re lifting moving boxes into the garage or moving house, you should take a minute to ensure you know how to lift safely. It’s important to take extra care, especially if you’ve had any recent injuries because if you rush lifting you could end up with all types of problems including your back, neck and knees. Take a moment to check out Metro Removals advice before accidentally inflicting any unnecessary pain.


  • See what’s inside: it could be a box of wool or a box of books. Either way you should examine what you’re about to lift to prepare for the weight that you’ll be moving. Also you should check to see if the box is in a good condition, because if there are rips there’s a possibility you could drop the box, breaking the contents or worse, seriously injuring yourself. Lastly, if the box is just too heavy, ask a friend to give you a hand so you can distribute the weight.
  • Make sure the route to your destination is clear: at times we become complacent and don’t consider moving objects as we simply step over them. However it’s a lot different when you’re carrying a heavy object, and chances are you miss your footing due to miss judgement and trip over the objects in the way.
  • Get posture-ready: keep your back straight and squat level with your box, get a firm grip of either side and slowly lift. If you need more leverage, kneel with one knee in front and use your back leg to help raise you and the box upright.
  • Whilst carrying:  keep the box close to your body and your back straight at all times. It’s important not to twist when carrying a large box because this is where you can cause unwanted injury. If you need to change direction, take small steps and let your feet change the direction in a controlled manner.
  • Placing your box down: once you’ve moved the box to the appropriate place, it’s important you follow the rules you did to start with. Keeping your back straight, shifting the weight to your legs, squat and place the box down gently to avoid breaking any fragile items in the box.


If you’re standing there looking a rather large amount of boxes, get yourself some convenient professional help. Here at Metro Removals, we’re trained to get your belongings shifted safely and efficiently to ensure your move is quick and hassle free. Sometimes you just don’t have the hours in the day to get your things from A to B, but that’s what we’re here for! Don’t hesitate, get in touch today and we’ll sort you out with the appropriate help!