How to move houseplants

Metro Removals have put together a useful guide, to ensure that your houseplants remain fit and healthy throughout the upheaval of you moving home. It’s easy to forget about the little things but you must remember to give them some TLC as they’re living organisms, that need tending to too, during a time like this.

*Top Tip* make sure you know your species of plant, most plants undergo a stage of dormancy during the year – which is the perfect time to move. Of course, this does not mean that you should only ever move home during this period, but simply keep it in mind, as it’s easier to move them during their dormant state.

Before You Move

    • Re-pot your plants from ceramic pots into plastic ones, with enough time to let them settle before the move. This minimises the chances of the pots getting damaged and therefore the plant also.


  • Prune your plants, do this a couple of weeks before the move. Using the appropriate sized shears to do the job, cut off leaves, stems or flowering buds that have died and remove any that have fallen to the bottom of the pot around the soil. Try to cut at the base of the branches to keep it healthy and this will lead to a fuller, greener plant in future.


    • Fertilise the plant after pruning and place it in the shade and let it recover; then place back in its original location.


  • Check for flies, use sprays such as insecticides. Follow the instructions on the label for a swift insect removal.


  • Water your plants just enough, if you give them too much water in the winter the plant could freeze and over watering during the summer can lead to fungus growth.

Moving Day


  • Wrap large plants in a light sheet to avoid branches from getting snapped in transit.
  • Prepare the night before the move by putting your plants into open top boxes, packing them tightly.
  • Leave them until last, so they don’t get squashed by heavier boxes.
  • Keep the temperature consistent as you can, as fluctuations can harm the plant.




  • Find their old pots and place them back into them.


    • Find a new place to put your plants, to help them on their way to acclimatising and refrain from moving them around after you have found a new location.


  • Water your plant and let it heal.



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