How to Move House with Young Children

6th November 2016 by Metro Removals

We all know and understand that moving home is a stressful time, but if you have young children with you it can become a nightmare. Although you might be alright with living out of suitcases in the run-up and following your move, your small child might not. And that’s to say nothing of how much of a handful young children are on moving day itself! So in this month’s article, we’ll be showing you how best to go about moving home with young children.

Get Your Children Involved

If there’s one word you can use to describe human beings, it’s ‘curious’. Young children in particular are curious, eager to learn anything and everything they can about the world. All aspects of their life are exciting because everything is new to them, and moving to a new home is no different. Therefore, they are bound to be curious about what the new home will look like and how you’re going to move there.

As a result, it’s better if they’re involved in the moving process. Ask them their thoughts about the new home, get them to help with packing small and unimportant items, and so on. The move becomes a kind of educational experience in this way.

During the Move Itself, Leave Your Children with Friends or Family

If possible, you should see if your children can stay with friends or family during the move itself. This is because there’ll be a lot of moving furniture and heavy boxes, and your children could get hurt. Things will proceed smoothly and safely if your children stay away. However, you must ensure they don’t feel left out by sticking to the other tips on this list.

Don’t Pack Your Children’s Things Last, but Do Unpack Them First

With the move coming up, slowly packing all of your young child’s belongings in preparation for the move is a wise choice. Young children are used to their environment and feel safe in it. Slowly dismantling their room will ease the shock of the move, but directly after the move you should act quickly to restore your child’s safe environment. Unpack their items first and make sure their room is finished to make the move an easy transition for your child.

Let Your Children Make Decisions

Although it doesn’t have to be anything like where the furniture goes, you could ask your child where they would like to see smaller items placed. The placement of kettles, toasters, vases and lamps are all possible items you could get your child’s opinion on. If they get to decide on something, they are more likely to feel comfortable in their new environment.

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