Moving House: Who to Inform

21st December 2017 by Metro Removals

When you’re moving home, it can feel as though there are a thousand and one things to do. What’s more, once you’ve finally finished the move, there are still plenty of administrative tasks left to complete, many of which will include informing the relevant people about your recent move. In order to make this process simpler, this month, the team at Metro Removals will provide a checklist of people you need to inform after moving house.


Car Insurance

Upon moving home, one of the key people that you will have to inform will be your car insurance provider. Part of the reason this is so important is that, if you’ve moved to a completely new area, then this will have an impact on the cost of your car insurance. For example, if you are now parking your car on the road where you used to park it in a garage, unfortunately, you will be paying more.



Again, when moving home, the DVLA should be one of the first people you call. Why? Well, if you hold either a provisional or a full UK driving license and are stopped by the police, if you have the incorrect address on your license, you could be fined up to £1000. Similarly, if you fail to update your V5C form, this could land you with another £1000 fine! This is because, if left wrong, your tax could be sent to the wrong place.

With this in mind, make sure you don’t forget these two – it won’t take long and could save you a great deal of bother.



You will need to register with your new Doctors and also tell your old ones about your change of address. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can normally only register with your new doctor once you have proof of address.



It would be wise to alert your gas/electric providers prior to your move, this way, you can arrange in good time for the payments to cease.


Council tax department

If you fail to alert HMRC about your new change of address, you may find they will be chasing you for outstanding bills. What’s more, if you have upsized your home, then you may find that you are now in a different council tax band, in which case, you will have to organise a new payment. So, in order to alert them, simply visit your local council’s website.


Internet service provider

Make sure you check the availability of your current internet provider in your new home. If they can’t provide broadband in your new area, then you may be hit with some unwanted cancellation fees.


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