Moving house with a newborn – Tips for an easy move

2nd February 2018 by Metro Removals

The idea of negotiating a house move with a newborn baby is, understandably, a somewhat daunting one. However, the prospect of settling into your brand new home is on the horizon, and with a few extra preparations in place, your move is sure to be as seamless as possible, and you’ll be back to concentrating on enjoying life with your newborn baby in no time.

In order to keep your move as safe as possible for your newborn, as well as with minimal hassle for you, read on for Metro Removals’ best tips on preparing for a house move with your baby.

Before the move


Make sure the baby is healthy

Checking your baby is in perfect health is, of course, the utmost priority all year round, but particularly during a move, it’s important to be sure your baby is up to handling the new transition. Get your paediatrician or trusted doctor to check your baby’s health, as well as asking for any medical records, as they’ll be useful when registering at a doctor’s surgery in your new neighbourhood.


Pack an essentials box

Make sure you pack enough baby supplies to tide you over for at least a few days; the unexpected can crop up, and it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality. As such, keep this particular box with you in the car, not in the removal van. This ensures that if a box is lost or the removal van is delayed, you’ll not be caught short of any day-to-day essentials your baby might need.


Call in the experts

Hire an experienced removal company, and make the most of the convenience they offer, such as doing all the heavy lifting, as well as taking care of packing items. This means you’ll be free to concentrate on seeing to the needs of your baby, as opposed to becoming distracted or worrying about the moving process.


During the move


Keep safety in mind

Of course, ensuring the wellbeing of your newborn is the top priority come moving day, when heavy boxes and furniture are being shifted around. Some points to consider on the moving day itself include:




Keep your baby calm

The moving day can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not old enough to fully comprehend what’s happening. Most newborns can’t handle much more than 45 minutes awake time before requiring a nap, and 6 month old babies about 2-3 hours.

As such, some tips for keeping your baby calm, as well as preventing overtiredness throughout the move, can include:



After the move

Baby-proof your new house

Make sure any furniture you’ve moved into your house is firmly anchored to the wall and any tools that have been used are securely stowed away. Hinge protectors on doors, plug socket covers, soft plastic covers on sharp corners, baby gates on stairs are all items that are a priority task. Familiarising yourself with any dangers in your new home will ensure your baby is less likely to discover them, especially when they learn to crawl or walk.

Ensure your baby’s items are the first to be unloaded

Sorting out your baby’s room and equipment – such as feeding apparatus, cots, mobiles, clothes, nappies – should be the first items to get in place at your new home. It’s important for you to be able to access any items as necessary, especially in order to regain a sense of normality after the disruption a move might cause.

Re-establish a routine

If your baby’s routine has been altered somewhat, try and ensure their feeding and sleeping patterns are back in place as soon as possible. You could try setting up their room in the same way as before, with favourite blankets and toys around to make things seem more familiar.


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