Settling into your new neighbourhood

20th September 2021 by Metro Removals

Will you soon be moving house? If so, you may be worried about settling into your new community. Whilst this is a natural concern, especially if you’re not the most outgoing person, there are certainly things you can to do speed up the process. Read our expert advice on settling into your new neighbourhood.

How to settle into your neighbourhood 

Settling into Your New Neighbourhood

Don’t underestimate the importance of settling into your neighbourhood. Building close relationships with those who live nearby to you can drastically improve your family’s social life and help you create meaningful relationships. You’ll also gain a support network who can be there for you during life’s most challenging times. Here are a few of the ways you can settle into your new neighbourhood. 

Say ‘hi’ to your neighbours 

Don’t be too shy to say ‘hi’ to your new neighbours. Introducing yourself when you arrive will show them right away that you’re friendly and approachable. Even if you’re busy unpacking when they knock on your door, drop what you’re doing and greet them with a warm smile. You can always pay them a visit later on once you’re settled in for a longer conversation too.

Explore your local area 

Whilst you might love your new home, it’s important not to spend all your time there when you first move in. If you want to begin settling into your new neighbourhood, you need to get out and about and start exploring the local area. That means venturing into your village or town to discover the surrounding shops, cafes, pubs, and parks. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact and introduce yourself to meet you meet there.  

Do good deeds for neighbours 

Being a good neighbour is sometimes all it takes to become a valued member of your community. So, whenever you can, make the effort to do good deeds for those on your street. This could be putting someone’s bins out or watering their plants whilst they’re away on holiday. Even simply signing for a package if they’re not at home will help you to win their favour. 

Plan a housewarming party 

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If you want to get to know your new neighbours in a relaxed setting, why not throw a housewarming party? When you run into a neighbour whilst walking the dog or mowing your front lawn, casually mention the get-together and ask them if they’d like to drop by. Whilst the party should be a fun affair, don’t go over the top. Some of your neighbours won’t attend and they don’t want to be kept awake all night by loud music!

Head to the pub 

If the local pub is at the heart of your community, pay it a visit. Even if you’re not a big drinker, simply being present there will provide you with many opportunities to meet and chat with people who live in your area. You might build new friendships or find out about events that you may want to attend. With recent research discovering that regularly going to your local pub makes people significantly happier, more sociable and even healthier, there’s no excuse not to head to your nearest boozer!

Focus on your front garden

When you spend time in your front garden, you’ll improve your chances of meeting other people on your street. So, focus your attention on this area of your home; cutting the grass, sweeping your driveway or even cleaning your wheelie bins. The more visible you are, the more likely you are to talk to your new neighbours and start building connections. 

Join local clubs 

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Joining clubs can be a great way to meet new people who share your interests. Whether you join a five aside football team, a dance class, or the local knitting group, it can be a great way to find like-minded friends. You may also want to consider volunteering. Not only does it allow you to give something back to the community and support a cause close to your heart, but it allows you to find those people who share your passions. 

Find other parents

Moving house when you have kids doesn’t mean that you need to stay indoors every day playing with their toys. This can quickly become isolating and leave you feeling lonely. Instead, get out and about and head to local playgroups to meet other families. Your children can begin to make friends and you too can expand your social circle. During the parenting stage of your life, finding people who can relate to what you’re going through is vital. 

Hire a reputable removals company 

Settling into your new neighbourhood is so much easier when you join forces with a company experienced in removals in Kettering and Market Harborough. Moving day can be stressful, but with a team of removals specialists assisting you from start to finish, the process becomes far less demanding. At , we’ve been helping people to settle into their new homes since 1982, building a fantastic reputation for our professional and affordable services. We can be there for you throughout your move, even providing packing services if you require them. Moving house can certainly be challenging, but we are here to take away the stress and hassle. 

Contact us 

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