Top 10 reasons to leave an office removal to the professionals [infographic]

21st April 2021 by Metro Removals

Moving offices can transform firms of all sizes., you may think of doing it yourself or look at reasons to leave an office removal to the professionals.  Whether your current facility no longer has enough space to meet your requirements or you simply want to refresh your brand and give your business a new lease of life, moving offices can be a fantastic step forward. However, before you can start reaping the benefits of relocating, you’ll need to get past the move itself. You’ll need to hire a company specialising in office removals in Kettering and Market Harborough to ensure that the process goes smoothly and with as little disruption to your business as possible. Don’t risk moving to a new office without the help of a local removals firm. Here are the top 10 reasons to leave an office removal to the professionals

Why leave office removals to the professionals?

Top 10 reasons to leave an office removal to the professionals [Infographic]

Expertise in office removals 

You might think that moving your business from A to B will be a simple task. However, it’s a lot more challenging than you might think, and it’s worth having a professional removals team on hand if you want it to go without a hitch. At Metro Removals, we’ve been carrying out office removals in Kettering and Market Harborough since back in 1982. We handled hundreds of removals and possess a huge amount of experience in our field.

Heavy lifting and carrying 

Don’t underestimate how physically demanding office removals can be. There is a huge amount of heavy lifting and carrying involved. Bulky items such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and safes need to be removed from your office and transported to the van. They’ll also need to be lifted and carried again once we arrive at your new premises. If you don’t have heavy lifting experience, not only will you find this aspect of the move extremely challenging, but you also risk injuring yourself or causing damage to your furniture. 

Removing your IT equipment safely

Moving hefty office furniture is hard enough. But when you throw in expensive IT equipment like computers and printers, the task becomes even more challenging. The tech used by your company needs to be removed as safely as possible without sustaining any damage. Fortunately, most commercial removals companies in Market Harborough and Kettering have lots of experience moving IT equipment. At Metro Removals, we can move your tech to your new office safely.  

Packing can be carried out for you

One of the biggest advantages of leaving office removals to the professionals is that they can often provide the packing as part of their service. You might not think that you need someone to pack for you, but you’d be surprised just how difficult this task can be. The last thing you want is to still be packing up files and folders as the van pulls up outside. We strongly recommend taking advantage of packing services when using a removals firm. When you hire Metro Removals, we’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ll use high-quality packing materials to pack your items safely. 

Limit business downtime

When moving to a new office, it’s important to take steps to limit business downtime. During the move, your company won’t be able to operate, and it’s therefore vital that the relocation is completed as quickly as possible. If the move takes too long, your company may suffer financially. To avoid this, it makes sense to hire a removals company that can get moved swiftly and help your business return to normal activities in no time at all.

Your items will be insured 

Did you know that your insurance provider may not payout if you choose to move yourself rather than hiring a professional removals company? You could be left without adequate cover should any of your items become damaged. Comparatively, when you enlist a company to provide office removals in Kettering, your belongings will be covered throughout the move. This can provide you with great peace of mind if you need to move valuable items such as computers and other IT tech.

Store your items in secure facilities

Moving offices usually isn’t a straightforward process for many businesses. Whilst transporting all your items from A to B would be the ideal scenario, often this isn’t possible for many different reasons. Sometimes, companies need to store some of their belongings temporarily. The good news is that most commercial removal companies offer storage services, At Metro Removals, we offer secure self-storage units within our Kettering warehouse. All units are temperature-controlled, making sure your furniture and documents don’t come to any harm whilst they’re in storage. 

Reduce your stress 

Since moving to a new office premises is such an important step for your business, you’ll want to ensure that it goes smoothly from start to finish. Of course, this can be tough when you’re moving with no help from professionals. There is a myriad of potential issues which could cause trouble on the day of the move. However, hiring an experienced removals firm like Metro can ensure that the move goes as planned. We can help take the stress out of moving day.  

Detailed pre-move survey 

Removals companies carry out a pre-move survey to help them determine the cost of your move and the amount of space your items will occupy in the van. It allows them to quote accurately and fairly. The survey also allows them to identify any issues which could get in the way on moving day. For example, there may be insufficient parking for the van outside your office. Or perhaps they will need to disassemble some furniture before moving it. 

Save money 

You might assume that avoiding hiring a removals company will save you money. However, is unlikely to be the case overall. Without a team of removals experts assisting you, it’s likely to take you a lot longer to finish the move. This means more downtime for your business. As well as this, there’s also the risk that you’ll cause damage to your expensive items. 

Contact us 

We hope that this guide to the top 10 reasons to leave an office removal to the professionals has helped. You can contact Metro Removals to discuss office removals in Kettering & Market Harborough by phone at 01536 688 149 (Kettering) or 01858 790 000 (Market Harborough). Alternatively, you can get in touch by sending us a message via the website. Our friendly team are waiting to discuss your requirements with you and arrange your free, pre-move survey. We can provide all the advice and guidance you require when moving offices. 


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