Unusual Rituals From Around the World for Moving to a New Home

10th January 2020 by Metro Removals

Moving house can be a stressful time, and many people draw comfort from rituals that take the uncertainty away and reassure them that they will be safe and prosperous in their new home. There are a variety of interesting traditions from around the world to choose from, depending on what your religion, beliefs or preferences are. If you simply want to start your stay in a new place with good vibes, then browse through our list of moving in rituals and pick one that speaks to you!

Burn Sage

‘Smudging’ is a ritual from Native American culture that involves burning sage in your new house to remove bad energy and negativity. Firstly, light the sage, then blow out the flame so it is smoking, and you can either leave the sage in a fire-proof container and it will fill the house with smoke, or you can walk around with it. Make sure you visualise an intention as the house gets smoky – such as what you want life to be like in your new home.

Leave Where You Entered

When you leave your house for the first time, make sure you exit through the same door you entered through. This is an Irish tradition, and it is believed that if you don’t do it you will have bad luck and never settle down in your house. 

An Orange Tree

This Chinese tradition tells you to plant an orange tree in the garden of your new home when you move in. The Chinese words for ‘orange’ and ‘luck’ are very similar, so this is meant to bring you good luck. An orange tree is also a good moving gift for a friend or family member as it is a symbol of luck.

Scatter Coins

This ritual from the Philippines gives you a use for your spare change. You must scatter coins through the living room in your new house on the first day you move in, as this invites financial prosperity into your home. 

Have an East-Facing Window

According to Chinese Feng Shui theory, it is unlucky if you don’t have any east-facing windows in your new house. The sun rises in the east and this fills your home with energetic spirit and good luck. So to make sure you remain lucky, install some east-facing windows which will catch the sunrise. 

Ring a Bell

A ritual from Tibet recommends ringing a bell in your house when you first move in. Ringing the bell removes dying or stagnant chi energy from the room and makes the space fresh and clear. 

Bread and Salt

In Russian Jewish tradition, it is believed that bread and salt symbolise hospitality and are the first items you should bring into your new house. The bread makes sure you don’t go hungry, and the salt means you will have a flavourful life. 

Paint the porch blue

In the south of the USA, they have a more extensive moving in ritual than just planting a tree or ringing a bell – they paint the porch on their new house blue. People believe that spirits can’t cross over water and that their home will be safe because the ghosts will be tricked into thinking the house is surrounded by water. 

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