When is it best to move house? [ Infographic ]

21st June 2023 by Metro Removals

Are you wondering when is it best to move house? If so, you’re already in a great position. This is because most house moves are out of people’s control and are dependent on how long it takes to sell their property, find a new one, and then exchange contracts. If you’re in control of when you move, it’s best to choose a time when removal companies are less busy. Not only does this make it more likely that you’ll secure your preferred date, but their rates are likely to be lower too. Read on to find out more. 

When is it best to move house

What time of year?Moving into a new home in Market Harborough

When considering when is it best to move house, you should aim for late spring or just after the summer holidays have finished, if possible. Removal companies are usually less busy at these times, which means you may pay less for their services. One of the busiest times for removal firms is the summer holidays, with August particularly hectic. 

Not only do the longer, brighter days make moving house easier but children are also off school at this time. This can make a move logistically simpler for families. Removal companies can get booked up very quickly during the summer months, which means you’d need to book early to secure your chosen date. 

As well as considering late spring and the end of the summer holidays to move house, you may also want to think about a winter move. As the least popular season for house moves, you’re likely to find more options available to you. You may also benefit from cheaper removal rates at this time of year, helping to save you money.

What day of the month? 

Many people wonder what day of the month they should move house. At Metro, we always advise moving mid-month. This is because it tends to be the quietest time for removal firms. Fewer people opting to move house at this time. Many people end up moving at the end of the month due to waiting until their tenancy agreement ends, leading to high demand. 

What day of the week?

If you’re wondering which day of the week you should move house, you may be considering Friday. Not only is it at the end of the week and you won’t need to book off any holidays but you’ll also have the rest of the weekend to settle into your new home. Whilst these are all great reasons to move house on a Friday, keep in mind that many other people will be thinking the same thing. This can make Fridays a very busy day for removal companies, with many getting booked up in advance. 

Choosing a midweek or Sunday move may allow you to save money on your removal costs. Although a removal company is unlikely to charge you more for moving on a Friday, you may benefit from a midweek discount due to the decreased demand.  

According to Compare My Move, only 10% of people opt for a Wednesday move. As a result, removal companies may lower their rates to encourage people to move on this day. Their data shows that Wednesday is the cheapest day to move, costing an average of £770.03. This is over 20% cheaper than moving on a Friday.

Can I move house at the weekend? 

Moving house at the weekend is certainly possible. Removals companies work on both Saturday and Sunday. However, keep in mind that if you run into any problems with your conveyancer or bank, these won’t be fixed until at least Monday due to closures over the weekend. If you do want to move house at the weekend, you’ll need to ensure that all conveyancing matters are sorted during the week. This will help avoid any delays on moving day.

Whilst Saturday is a fairly popular day to move house, Sunday is the least popular for UK movers. Sunday is also the cheapest day to move house, which means you could save money by opting for this day. If you’re flexible on which day you can move house, it’s well worth considering a Sunday move. 

Removal Companies KetteringBook removal services in advance 

You should aim to book a reputable removal company as early as possible. Ideally, this should be around 4-6 weeks before your moving date. This gives the removal company adequate time to assess your needs and create a bespoke plan that’s tailored to you. Booking in advance also means you’re more likely to secure your chosen move date. 

Home removals in Corby 

If you’re looking for home removals in Corby or the surrounding areas, look no further than Metro Removals. As one of the leading local removal firms, you can feel confident that we can provide you with a professional and reliable home removal service. We’ve been helping local people move house for many years, during which time we’ve built up a great reputation throughout the area. 

At Metro, we can handle every aspect of your house move, from packing up your possessions to transporting them safely to your new home. We can carry out a detailed pre-move survey so that we can assess your needs carefully and provide you with a competitive quotation for our services.  

Contact us 

Now you know when is it best to move house, you may be looking to hire our services. If so, get in touch with our friendly team. You can reach us by calling 01536 665 149 or 01858 515 015 or by sending us a message via our website. We provide professional home removals in Corby at highly competitive prices. We’ll aim to make your house move as easy and stress-free as possible from start to finish. 

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