Who do I inform when moving house?

29th September 2020 by Metro Removals

Moving house can be extremely chaotic. Before you start packing up everything you own and settling into your new abode, you need to remember to tell people about your change of address. As well as letting your friends and family know where you’ve moved to, there are many companies and organisations that need to be informed. Read on to find out who to tell when you’re moving house.  

Government bodies

There are several government bodies you’ll need to inform when you move house. As well as telling the DWP, HMRC, and the TV licensing company about your move, you’ll also need to contact your local authority to ask for final council tax statement – you may be eligible for a refund.  

It’s a good idea to wait until your move is complete until you update your address with the DVLA as you may need your driving licence as identification when arranging removals in Market Harborough or Kettering. 

Department for Work and Pensions 

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) 

Electoral roll 

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) 

Your local authority

TV Licensing 

Financial organisations 

Informing various financial institutions of your move is important. This includes banks, credit card companies, and any other lenders. It’s particularly important that your current account provider knows your new details as it’s possible they’ll use your address to verify your identity. 

Banking providers

Credit card companies

Savings account providers 

Store or loyalty card providers

Pension services

Insurance companies 

Your insurance providers need to know when you move house. This is because many of them use your postcode to help work out the cost of your cover. If your new home is located in an area which is considered a higher risk, you can expect your premiums to rise. Not all policies are reliant on your address, with some only needing to know where you live so they can contact you or send your bills to the right place. To inform your insurers of your new address, you’ll need to contact them all directly.

Home/contents insurance

Health insurance

Life insurance

Pet insurance

Travel Insurance

Utility suppliers

You’ll need to let your utility suppliers know exactly when you’ll be moving house. Take meter readings on the day of your move and ideally photograph them (with date stamps) to record them. You should do this in both your old and new homes. Rather than sticking with the existing supplier of the property, it’s a good idea to shop around to find the best deal as you may be able to save money. Suppliers you’ll need to contact include:





If you’re moving further afield, you’ll need to remember to cancel any leisure activities or subscriptions, such as memberships to local gyms or clubs. You can do this over the phone or by emailing or writing to them. Another thing to do is contact any newspaper or magazine subscriptions to let them know your new address. They can then start sending things to your new property right away.   

Gym/health club

Newspaper or magazine subscriptions

Clubs & societies

Other services

Do you hire anyone to maintain your property such as a gardener or cleaner? If so, you’ll need to inform them that you’re moving house and that you need to cancel their services. You may be able to hire them to work at your new property if you’ll be in the same area. You’ll also need to update your details with other service providers such as accountants or solicitors. Mail from these people will usually be private or confidential, so it’s important it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands once you’ve moved.



Window Cleaner



Work and education

Your employer and your children’s schools will need to be informed when you move house. Moving house is especially stressful for children, so it’s important to pass on this information to their education providers as soon as possible. 

Your employers 

Colleagues and alumni networks 

Schools and colleges

Royal Mail: Redirect post 

Moving house can often be so frantic that you simply don’t have time to inform everyone of your new address before moving day. Fortunately, Royal Mail provides a Redirection service which allows you to ensure that all your mail goes with you to your new home. This service is available to personal customers or business customers and ensures that you won’t miss important documents. It reduces the risk of your personal details failing to the wrong hands and becoming a victim of fraud. 

To redirect your post with Royal Mail, you’ll need to provide the names and dates of birth of anyone in the household as well as the addresses and postcodes of your new and old addresses. You can apply for the Redirection service up to three months before you move. Keep in mind that it’s only temporary so you can’t rely on it forever. For this reason, it’s important to inform all the relevant companies and organisations of your new address as soon as possible. 

Choosing a removals company in Kettering and Market Harborough

Once you know the date you’ll be moving, it’s time to find a removals firm you can trust. At Metro Removals, we’re proud to be one of the top-rated removals companies in Kettering and Market Harborough. We’ve helped hundreds of local people to move house, transporting their belongings to their new address safely and efficiently. Our team have been providing domestic removals in the region for many years, so why not get in touch if you require further information on who inform when you move house? With our help and expertise, moving house can become an easier and far less stressful process. 

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