Who Needs to Know You Are Moving?

25th January 2017 by Metro Removals

There’s so much to plan when you’re moving home, it’s no wonder that some things, like who to notify that you’re moving, will slip through the cracks. Finding out six months down the line that you owe money to your old gym or internet provider can be a tough pill to swallow. However, it doesn’t have to be that way; here we’ll be outlining just some of the most important people you should notify about your move, like your employer, and then some more obscure ones, too!

Utilities and Motoring

Perhaps one of the first things that springs to mind when thinking about notifying people of your move is the need to notify your various utility providers. Your water, energy, Internet and television subscription providers should all be notified, as well as your mobile phone provider if you’re on a contract. Some of these you can notify well in advance, but others, like your water and energy suppliers, must be notified closer to the dates of your move, especially where meter reads are needed.

You should also remember to notify your car insurance provider and the DVLA of your move. You will need a new driving licence issued with your new address. If you have breakdown cover, also notify them of your move.

Banking and Finance

Also an obvious area to focus on, your banking and financial arrangements are on par with notifying your utilities of your move. Alerting your bank, insurance providers and credit card company, to but name a few, is of the utmost importance to avoid your mail, including new bank cards and statements, from falling into the wrong hands.

You’ll have to notify the relevant body if you have any of the following:

Governmental Bodies

The Government also needs to know where you live. Whether it’s for taxation purposes or for safety, you should notify the following bodies of your new address and moving date:

You also need to notify the Government of your change of address if you are receiving any benefits, such as child benefit, JSA, or likewise.


Though ideally you’ll never need to use your new local surgery, you never know, so it pays to register there immediately. Registering with a new doctor can be made easier by notifying your current doctor of your move, who may then be able to help register you at your new address.

You should also register with a local dentist, optician and vet and notify your old ones of your move – this is especially important for avoiding fines for missed appointments at your dentist!

Miscellaneous Bodies

The more obscure bodies that you have to notify can vary wildly, being entirely dependent on your own requirements and subscriptions. However, they can include the following:

Any charities you support should also be notified.

Royal Mail – Redirection of Mail

Even if you’ve taken the greatest care imaginable to notify everyone of your address change, there’s always going to be one you’ve forgot about. To avoid your personal information falling into suspicious hands, simply contact Royal Mail and arrange to have all of your mail forwarded to your new address. Mail redirection may incur a cost, but it’s well worth the small price to receive all of your mail safely at your new home!

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