How to Introduce a Cat to Your New Home

27th June 2019 by Metro Removals

With all the stress involved with moving for us, it’s easy to forget about the effect that it could have on our pets.

When it comes to cats, we’re in the habit of thinking that they don’t take much looking after. That is, in comparison to dogs, cats are independent and self-sufficient, so there’s not much we need to do to make them feel at home, or so the assumption goes. This isn’t the case, however. Cats, like all pets, have a set of needs and preferences that we must take into consideration, especially when moving home with them.

Before the move

Cats are acutely aware of the things we do around the house, so when it comes to packing for a move, you can be sure your pet will be affected. If your cat perceives that a major upheaval is coming, it could be very traumatising for them. With this in mind, booking your cat into a cattery as a quiet, secure place of refuge might be the best option. It also means there is no danger to the cat being injured in the packing process, not to mention one less thing for you to trip over.

If they’ll be with you during the pre-move process, place your cat in an enclosed room on the day of the move. This means you’ll know that your cat is safe, and also be able to find them when it’s time to leave.


During the move

If checking your cat into a cattery for a few days isn’t an option, then it’s important to consider the cat’s welfare during the commotion.

Firstly, feed your cat in the morning – not too close to moving time, though, in case there are any accidents in the car! Make sure they have had access to a litter tray, too. When it’s time to go, secure the carrier with a seat belt in the car, or wedge it safely in the boot. Never transport the cat loose or in the removals van! If a short break is unavoidable, ensure the car is well-ventilated at all times, and although this might be an obvious one, never leave the cat in a hot car.


After the move

When it comes to unpacking, it’s best to follow a similar procedure to the packing process: place your cat in a quiet room until your new home is ready. To help your cat establish a connection to their new home, keep your cat indoors for a month and establish a routine.

In anticipation of their first adventure outside, sprinkle some used litter around the perimeter of your new garden. This familiarity will be comforting to the cat, as well as notify neighbouring cats of a new territory.

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