How to Pack Electronics Safely

25th September 2017 by Metro Removals

When you’re moving home, packing up all your things can be stressful. You’ve got cutlery, artwork and all manner of fragile personal possessions – let’s face it, knowing how to pack up all these different items in the correct manner can be extremely difficult.

And then there’s electrical items: arguably the most expensive and complex pieces of equipment that you will need to transport, and also the ones which come with the most safety risks – not the mention the headache that comes with knowing which wire goes where once you have unpacked! In light of this, this month, Metro Removals are going to focus on electrical items. From how to pack them safely to streamlining your unpacking (and subsequent setting up) experience, this article will cover it all.

Disconnect your electrical items

Before you begin the packing process, first, you have to disconnect your electrical items and, in some cases, dismantle them. To work out exactly what you have to do, it’s best to go through the manufacturer’s manual to work out if their are any special instructions for disconnecting, dismantling or moving your items.

Take pictures before you disconnect them!

Picture it: you get to your new home, settle in, and want to set up your television; the problem is – you don’t have a clue where all of the cords go! To avoid this drama at the other end, simply take a picture of your television set-up before you remove all the wires. This way, when it comes to setting it up again, you will know exactly where everything goes, saving you a huge headache.

Keep all related accessories in one place

Laptops, chargers, a mouse, a mouse mat, the case – make sure you keep them all together when packing! The last thing you need when you reach your new home is to find that all those items are right at the bottom of different bags, never to be seen again. So with this in mind, make sure that you keep all related electronic accessories together, this way, unpacking and setting everything back up will be a breeze.

Bubble wrap is your friend

Electrical items are extremely fragile and complex and, as such, must be packed with the utmost care. So, before packing, make sure that you have plenty of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, blankets and towels on hand. Being as economical as possible with space, wrap up all your items extremely carefully with your various packing materials and pad out the box in which they are contained. Once everything is in place, your items will be able to withstand the various knocks and shuffles that come with moving easily.

Don’t forget the manuals!

Lastly, if – unlike most of the population – your electronic instruction manuals have stayed with you since purchase, then make sure that you take them with you! You never know when you might need them, especially when setting them up again.

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