Overseas Removals: 6 Things To Do Before Your Move

27th September 2016 by Metro Removals

Moving overseas is a massive venture for anyone to undertake, which is why it is absolutely essential for all aspiring expats and overseas movers to be fully prepared before their move. Consequently, in this month’s article, we’ll be looking at 6 of the things that you should do before you move overseas.

Visas and Residence Permits

File your applications early for visas and residence permits to avoid any headaches closer to your moving date. Each country has a different system for allocating visas, work permits and residence permits, and you’ll need to get each one of these if it is relevant to the country you are moving to, so research it carefully. Your family and your goods will not be allowed into the country without a visa, and you will not be able to work, open a bank account or send your children to school.

Pet Vaccinations/Paperwork

Taking your pet with you to your new abode overseas should also be something you plan for too, as you may need to have your pet vaccinated against any local illnesses it may be subject to in your new home country. What’s more, you may also have to have a licence for the animal, and you’ll have to sort out suitable travel arrangements for it as well. Overall, it is worth looking into the rules of your destined country and planning well in advance to avoid any mishaps.


One thing you don’t want is to have a nasty surprise in the form of hefty taxes you weren’t expecting to hit your wallet when you move abroad. Furthermore, you also don’t want to fail to pay your taxes either, as ignorance will not prove to be the best defence in your new home’s courts. Things to think about include:

You should also be sure to let all relevant legislative bodies, such as HMRC and the DWP, in the UK know that you are expatriating and settle all your accounts.

Health Care

The country that you’re moving to may also provide health care differently to what we’re used to in Britain. You may need to work for a number of years until you get full access to the health care system, or you may have to sign up to a privatised health insurance scheme. Whatever their legislation states, you’re better off ensuring that you’re covered health-wise and not need it than need it and find out you’re not covered.

Additionally, you should also ensure that you have had all appropriate vaccinations before moving day, should you require them for life in your new home. Your GP should be able to provide you with the relevant information in this regard, as well as a list of the vaccinations you have had already and any boosters you may need.

Learn the Local Norms and Laws

No matter which country you’re moving to, the cultural and societal norms will be vastly different from those you are used to, as might the local laws. As a result, it pays to do your research ahead of time, learning what you can of the laws of the land and how the people behave so that you can integrate with the local community smoothly and quickly.

Book an International Removal

Lastly, once you’ve put in all the work elsewhere, finding out all the things you need to know, you’ll need to find the perfect international removals firm for your needs. Again, diligent research on your part to find the best service out there will be invaluable to you, so don’t be afraid to shop around and ask removals companies for a quote. That said, here at Metro Removals we pride ourselves on our excellent international removals services, and think you stand to benefit immensely from our service!

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