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Posted by Metro Removals on 22nd January 2024

5 Tips For A Stress-Free Home Move

Moving house can be extremely exciting, however, it can also be a major source of stress and anxiety. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the most stressful life events after the loss of a loved one and divorce. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make moving house a smooth and straightforward process. Read our top 5 tips for a stress-free move now. Start planning early One of...

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Posted by admin on 19th September 2023

Things to do when you move into a new house

Will you soon be moving house? If so, you may be wondering what exactly you need to do. You might know you need to transfer your utilities such as gas and electricity, but have you let DVLA know your new address or registered with a new GP? There’s a lot to think about when relocating and it can be easy to forget to complete key tasks. Read our checklist of...

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Posted by admin on 20th April 2023

What is a moving house guide?

Are you unsure what is a moving house guide? Then keep reading. A moving house guide gives you valuable instructions so you can remove much of the stress and strain from the relocation process. This kind of guide can give you the clarity you need to ensure your move is as simple and straightforward as possible.  What does a moving house guide consist of?  Many moving house guides include checklists...

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Posted by admin on 21st February 2023

The best cold countries to move to

Do you dream of living in a cold yet beautiful country? If so, you’re certainly not alone. More and more Brits are choosing to relocate to colder places, with Iceland, Finland, Norway and Canada amongst the most popular options. Not only do chillier countries tend to be very pretty but many people believe that the lower temperatures are better for our health. Lower body temperatures are associated with reduced ageing...

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