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Posted by Metro Removals on 25th January 2017

Who Needs to Know You Are Moving?

There’s so much to plan when you’re moving home, it’s no wonder that some things, like who to notify that you’re moving, will slip through the cracks. Finding out six months down the line that you owe money to your old gym or internet provider can be a tough pill to swallow. However, it doesn’t have to be that way; here we’ll be outlining just some of the most important...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 22nd December 2016

Tips for Moving Home in Winter

Although moving at any time of the year is stressful, it is especially arduous in the winter. Windy, wet and cold weather makes even the easiest tasks harder to undertake, so moving home or business is guaranteed to be far more stressful in winter. Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible, as long as you go about the removals process appropriately. Here, we’re detailing the top tips for moving home in winter! Research...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 6th November 2016

How to Move House with Young Children

We all know and understand that moving home is a stressful time, but if you have young children with you it can become a nightmare. Although you might be alright with living out of suitcases in the run-up and following your move, your small child might not. And that’s to say nothing of how much of a handful young children are on moving day itself! So in this month’s article,...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 27th October 2016

How Much Does Moving House Cost?

Moving house is an expensive endeavour, which means to successfully move places you’ll need to budget all of your costs effectively. To do so, you’ll need to know where all of those costs might come from, so in this month’s article we’ll be breaking down just where the charges might be coming from when you move home. Moving Fees - Mortgages Easily the most expensive cost you will incur when...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 27th September 2016

Overseas Removals: 6 Things To Do Before Your Move

Moving overseas is a massive venture for anyone to undertake, which is why it is absolutely essential for all aspiring expats and overseas movers to be fully prepared before their move. Consequently, in this month’s article, we’ll be looking at 6 of the things that you should do before you move overseas. Visas and Residence Permits File your applications early for visas and residence permits to avoid any headaches closer...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 31st August 2016

A Guide to Office Removals

Moving office can be a stressful time for even the most organised businesses, which is why it pays to be well-prepared for the move both leading up to and during the move itself. At Metro Removals, we know a thing or two about office removals, and that’s why this month we’ve put together this guide to moving offices to ensure your move comes off without a hitch. Get Measuring It’s...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 13th June 2016

5 Tips For A Stress-Free Home Move

In an ideal world we’d be able to click our fingers and presto, you and all your belongings will have moved home and that would be the end of that, but unfortunately for us we have to go through the rigamarole of packing all our stuff up ourselves before gearing off. At this point the temptation to just get on with it and throw all your stuff in random boxes...

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Posted by Metro Removals on 24th May 2016


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